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Jeremy Sarber

Following Jesus requires enduring to the end

Series: Following Jesus

Jesus said salvation is the end for his disciples, but what about everything before the end? He said it would require endurance.

Following Jesus requires suffering well

Series: Following Jesus

Suffering is inevitable. Following Jesus requires trusting in God’s sovereign plan and looking forward to the day when God will make all things new and remove suffering forever.

Following Jesus requires good stewardship

Series: Following Jesus

What should we do to be good stewards of our money and possessions? How do we honor and glorify God with our wealth? How do we follow Jesus with what we own?

Following Jesus requires work ethic

Series: Following Jesus

How are we supposed to feel about our occupations? How do Jesus and the gospel shape our perspective and approach to work?

Following Jesus requires making disciples

Series: Following Jesus

To follow Jesus is to be a fisher of men. It requires we love people enough to warn them about the wrath to come and share with them the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ.

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