I’m Jeremy Sarber

I’m a Christian pastor and funeral home chaplain. If you’d like to know more about me, I invite you read my brief bio as well as my confession of faith.

When I’m not preaching funerals, spending time with my family, watching the Atlanta Braves play, or reading a book—currently, Coronavirus and Christ by John Piper—I’m producing new episodes of Sunday Manuscripts, a captivating, comprehensive pilgrimage through the Bible one passage at a time. The current season of the podcast features the book of Ephesians.

Articles and notes


If you’d like to reach me, my preferred method of online communication is email. Write to mail@jeremysarber.com. You can also reply to me on Twitter. Send me your comments and questions, or just say hello.


I built this website from scratch using only HTML, CSS, and a few Mustache tags. Cookies, tracking, ads, and pop-ups are not included. It runs on the blogging platform, Blot. I use Dropbox to host its files and iA Writer to type and format posts. Cloudflare provides increased security and performance. All images are processed by Dither it!, a tool that removes colors to make images less resource-intensive. I send episodes of Sunday Manuscripts with the help of Substack.

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