I’m Jeremy Sarber. I don’t know how you found me, but here you are, and I’m happy to make your virtual acquaintance.

I’ll limit my bio to its most pertinent parts.

I’m a Christian pastor of the Reformed Baptist persuasion. Think 1689 Confession.

When I’m not serving the local church, I’m writing my unique brand of Bible commentary which is available only to those special people who receive my Sunday letters↓.

You won’t find a blog or podcast here. All I have to offer is a series of emails at the rate of one per week and sometimes less*. Join me as I now study 1-3 John.

All glory be to Christ.

*If my Sunday letters don’t arrive some weeks, I’m probably busy building websites that are simple and effective effective because they’re simple.

When you’re ready to tell a better story online, please allow me. Follow me on Twitter or send me an email, and we’ll discuss your project.