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Is it time to quit watching the news?

Years ago, I spoke to a sanctuary full of young Christians at a conference about social media’s potential dangers. I suggested they be cautious if they choose to use sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Teenagers, I explained, are impressionable, and social media amplifies the peer pressure they already face.

Later in the day, during a question-and-answer session, one woman asked me, Why not encourage young people to avoid social media altogether?” At the time, I wasn’t ready to take such an absolute position. I still wanted to give these platforms the benefit of the doubt.

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Is the doctrine of justification important?

Eyes gloss over at the mention of justification. People think it’s intellectual fodder exclusively for pastors and theologians to discuss. Give me the practical stuff,” the average Christian says. Show me the parts of the Bible I can use.”

The thing is, the practical stuff is meaningless apart from justification. Christianity itself would be meaningless. What value is any religion that does not offer the means by which sinners can become right with God? What is salvation but God rendering a verdict of not guilty when one stands before him in judgment? Justification is,” according to John Calvin, the main hinge on which salvation turns.” Martin Luther adds, When the article of justification has fallen, everything has fallen.”

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Sanitary reasons

The note beneath the credit card machine read, Must use pen!! Sanitary reasons.”

The credit card machine at our local grocery store

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50% off ESV journaling Bibles

Westminster Bookstore has marked down their collection of ESV journaling Bibles fifty percent. My favorite remains the Single Column edition with a natural leather cover.

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Do you prefer audio, articles, or books?

I’m curious and would love your feedback. Let’s say you’re interested enough in a subject to learn more than a single sermon or article could offer. Would you prefer a series of audio messages, a series of articles, or a book?

As I continue preparing the second season of Sunday Manuscripts, not to mention the new website, I’m interested to know the preferences of readers and listeners.

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Why I may quit drinking Starbucks

While I neither agree with Howard Schultz’s politics, nor do I especially enjoy spending nearly $3 on a single cup of coffee, I’ve been a happy patron of Starbucks for a long time. I—cover your ears, coffee snobs—like Starbucks. Give me a grande of the day’s dark roast, a good book, and a comfortable chair, and I will relish the next few hours.

Years ago, I read How Starbucks Saved My Life and began to appreciate more than its hot beverages. I respect its treatment of employees. I admire how it trains baristas to befriend regular customers. I even appreciate its willingness to sacrifice speed for ambiance. After all, it’s a coffee house, not McDonald’s. By all means, grind the beans. I’ll wait.

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A Trumpslide in November?

From Douglas Wilson:

When we contemplate the coming presidential election, the phrase that comes to my mind is brace for impact.” And what is on my heart is what kind of impact I think we need to be bracing for. And you will need to work through all seven reasons to get a complete picture.

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