Jeremy Sarber On Life & Scripture

Insights on God, salvation, and ourselves.

The best-selling book that emerged from a prison cell

For good reason, Bunyan’s allegory has proven to be the most widely read and distributed book in English outside the Bible. I pray future generations won’t overlook it.

A theological framework for genuine Christianity

If we have any interest in planting our feet on a solid foundation of biblical truth, we could hardly do better than to study and understand the Five Solas.

Pastors, preach the Word and feed the sheep

When a pastor talks about Scripture more than expounding it, vital doctrines go missing. Soon enough, the church starves to death as its pastor spoon-feeds milk.

In the beginning God

Everything began with God, so we can’t correctly understand anything apart from him. Our study of any subject is vain unless we commit ourselves to theology, the study of God.

Yes, theology matters

The modern deist, not to mention all of Western society, borrows from the Christian Bible and worldview while ignoring the inconvenient parts and rejecting the source.

Is life absurdly meaningless?

Modern atheists reason we no longer need our silly, superstitious belief in God, but I suggest we glance at the fine print before reaching a conclusion.

Our modern ‘public town square’ isn’t ideal

If I’m to have any faith in humanity, I have to believe we’ll eventually look back on these last twenty years with confusion and a measure of disgust.

Believer, you belong in the local church

If a sinner shows little interest in belonging to the church, is he or she truly saved? While it may be theoretically possible, the Bible never permits us to make that assumption.

We have a glaring problem

We are increasingly unwilling to confront the one inevitability of life. We will die. We all know it. Yet, we don’t permit ourselves to mention it.

Moral Therapeutic Deism is the broad road

Moral Therapeutic Deism is a convenient yet damnable belief system. It lulls the masses into a false sense of security.

Can it matter what happens to you now?

The antidote to trouble is always the same. When negative feelings begin whispering in our ears, we should drown them out with shouts of truth.

Marriage is a profound friendship

My wife and I have been married for twelve years. Though I could speak endlessly about our marriage’s practical utility, this covenant relationship has proven even greater.

Let the widows wail

The Christian’s impulse is to sweep the pain and groanings of life in this fallen world under the rug. Sometimes, people need time and space to lament.

Jesus is the King of kings

What kind of king allows himself to be mocked, nailed to a cross, and crucified? The correct answer is the King of kings.

What is the book of Hebrews all about?

The author of Hebrews acknowledges the terrible difficulties which Jewish Christians faced, but throughout the letter, he shows them the alternative.

The wrong and right way to handle suffering

When Christians suffer in this life, we often compare our trials to those of others. This, however, is not a biblical coping mechanism.

Liberal theology promotes a gross perversion of love

On the one hand, I shouldn’t be surprised to hear a professing Christian condone sins such as abortion or homosexuality in the name of “love thy neighbor.”

Our pastors will give an account to God

If nothing else, I know better than to take pastors for granted. They bear the weight of our souls as they strive to lead the church faithfully.

I’m the grateful steward of a ’23 Ford Maverick (for now)

We should be thankful for God’s material gifts, stewarding them well, but we must hold on to them loosely. Ultimately, they can’t last.

Brothers, we have better things to think about

If it’s true, worthy of honor, right, morally sound, and beautiful, Paul insists we fix our minds on it. He should know the advantages of this practice.