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3 parallels to abortion in Psalm 106
Early church references to abortion
Child sacrifice in Old Testament Israel
What makes human life sacred?
Biblical worldview: Education
Discerning the will of God
God gave them over to a depraved mind
Truth vs. expressive individualism
Biblical worldview: Marriage
Honor-shame culture vs. Western culture
Psychological desires versus reality
The distortion of human identity
The Bible’s definition of identity
The threat of deception in the church


Biblical worldview: Identity
Biblical worldview: Economics
The total depravity of man in Psalm 14
Salvation for sinners in Christ alone
The unrighteous are in great terror
We do not call upon the Lord for help
The true spiritual condition of humanity
Biblical worldview: Gender and sexuality
The fool says, ‘There is no God’
There is none who does good
Be careful that you are not deceived
Do not fear those who kill the body
The 1 John 5:7 controversy
A sermon series about death
Biblical worldview: Abortion
The Son of God by his resurrection
Jesus descended from King David


Believer, you will have tribulation
Biblical worldview: Introduction, part 2
Rescue children from the wicked
I am what’s wrong with the world
The gospel was promised long ago
A social network for Reformed Christians
Preach the gospel to all creation
An apostle set apart for the gospel
Biblical worldview: An introduction
A brief introduction to Romans
Let children decide for themselves?
The gospel we need
When is a sinner justified?
Developing a Christian worldview
The Christian will face Shame
The benefits of confronting death
Bible reading requires meditation
Making disciples in the West
Civility versus affirmation
Perhaps pride is just a pretense
Two errors regarding the devils
Life’s one and only certainty
The solution to discouragement
When Christian scandals make news


Death slowly takes everything
Solving the problem of vanity
A custom box full of love letters
The future of Christian writing?
Who are we in light of death?
Absorbed in this world
Take initiative to restore peace
Teach us to remember death
Living is death while dying is life
The Bible regarding unborn children
Saved to sit at the feet of Jesus


He resolved to stand his ground
Experimenting with social updates
How will your past life appear?
Our times are in God’s hand
The wisdom of occasional furlough


Divine grace without holiness?
Nothing can destroy the church
Reconciliation of heaven and earth
Multitude is a foolish argument
The only thing that will matter
Preach to yourself: ‘Hope in God’
Earnestly crying before revival
Spurgeon versus Hyper-Calvinism
What is written is permanent
Sovereignty and responsibility
An absence of branding
All the world shall die
We desperately need the church
Preaching Psalm 19 at a funeral
Transforming religion to suit us
Praise God for his final judgment
The overlap of heaven and earth
Self-denial is true religion
Preaching is logic on fire


The best state of the church
God’s eternal, infinite, holy love
Sickness and the storms of winter
One more must-read book for pastors
The wisdom of occasional rest
Salvation is much more than heaven
What manner of Man is Jesus?
Failing to temper truth with love
Now supporting dark mode
Tempering the truth with love
The Sabbath is for worship
Lust and immodesty
On his knees
Regarding church membership
Abide in him
This child’s destiny
Subject for debate?
Giving will prove
Peace on earth
Reading Scripture slowly
Complaining about weather


He will save
Love of consistency
Remember the Sabbath?
Genealogy of Jesus
Ascending and descending
They followed Jesus
Not yet persuaded
Lamb of God
Who are you?
Word became flesh
Light is coming
Name him John
My spirit rejoices
Blessed are believers



Name him Jesus
Yahweh has remembered
Mary’s beautiful praise
Assurance of salvation
Growing in holiness
The first Christmas


Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah
Redeeming the time
The good shepherd
Speaking edifying words


Ambassadors for Christ
Behold God’s love


The lukewarm church


Writing personal letters


Unplugging the television


My conversion story
Ignoring our phones

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