I was dead in sin, but God made me alive with Christ. What else is there?

I‘m not a celebrity megachurch pastor or a New York Times bestselling author. People don’t hire me to travel the country and speak at packed conferences. You probably won’t find my blog on any “best of” lists. You’ll have to determine my credibility using your own discernment.

The Sarber Family
Spring 2017

Living among the tobacco fields of North Carolina with my beautiful wife, Danae, I pastor a small, simple church of the Reformed Baptist persuasion. Please don’t mistake my adjectives for derogatory terms. We are simple by design and small because we are young. Recently planted in the fall of 2016, this part of the country needed an uncomplicated, Christ-centered, fellowship-driven, family-integrated place to worship and serve with a healthy emphasis on sound teaching. God opened the door, and we went in.

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