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Submit to God, you double-minded sinner

Series: Double-Mindedness

We may consider ourselves God-pleasing people, but James says, “I see pride, double-mindedness, and a desperate need for repentance.” Thankfully, God gives greater grace.

We are what we say

Series: Double-Mindedness

If anything reveals our double-mindedness and fractured hearts, it is our tongues, speech, and the words we speak. There is a direct connection between the heart and the mouth.

Justification from Paul’s faith to James’s works

Series: Double-Mindedness

The greatest danger is knowing about God, accepting Christ and his gospel intellectually, and identifying as a Christian without it transforming our lives.

We’re looking for the wrong kind of glory in people

Series: Double-Mindedness

Whether it’s a celebrity, winning the championship game, or the breathtaking view at the top of a mountain, our hearts are attracted to glory for better or worse.

Combating double-mindedness with the word of truth

Series: Double-Mindedness

James is trying to show us how to mend our divided hearts and lead us toward singular devotion to God. Where does that start? It starts with the word of God.

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