Jeremy Sarber / The Bible Readers Podcast

What is the meaning of apostasy according to the book of Jude?

My friend and brother in Christ, Thomas Coutouzis, continues to impress me with his exegesis of Jude. I appreciate all of the time and effort he has put into producing this commentary. Most importantly, I admire his faithfulness to the text.

  1. Contending for the Faith – Exegesis of Jude 1:1-3
  2. False Teaching in the Early Church – Exposition of Jude 1:4
  3. Apostasy of the Past – Exegesis of Jude 1:5-6
  4. Apostasy and the Judgment of Sodom – Exegesis of Jude 1:7
  5. Three Distinct Marks of False Teachers – Exegesis of Jude 1:8
  6. False Teachers are Like Unreasoning Animals – Exegesis of Jude 1:9-10
  7. Three Examples of Apostasy in Scripture – Exegesis of Jude 11
  8. A False Teacher is like… – Exegesis of Jude 12
  9. Apostates are Savage Beasts that Foam at the Mouth – Exegesis of Jude 13-15
  10. False Teachers and the Art of Murmuring – Exegesis of Jude 16
  11. Remember the Words that were Spoken Beforehand (about apostates) – Exegesis of Jude 17-19
  12. Have Mercy on Those Who Have Been Deceived – Exegesis of Jude 20-23
  13. Jude’s Doxology – Exegesis of Jude 24-25