Jeremy Sarber

What don’t you like about my website?

I designed my website to be as functional as possible which means:

  • it’s lightweight and fast;
  • it’s free of distractions;
  • it’s readable on most every device;
  • it’s accessible to people with disabilities;
  • it’s easy to navigate.

While I know my site may appear dated, I don’t mind that particular critique. My primary concern is effectively delivering the content. I chose system fonts already installed on computers and phones because visitors don’t have to wait for them to load. I opted for an off-white background because it’s easier on the eyes. Every design element is intentional.

My site has its flaws, and I’ll probably continue tweaking it for as long as it lives. When I learn a better way, I’ll implement it. When I discover a problem, I’ll adjust. Thankfully, I know enough about web development to make these changes when needed.

My question for you, dear reader, is, what would you like to see changed? I welcome any suggestions you have. What could make my website a more enjoyable experience for you?

My preferred method of online communication is email. Write to [email protected]. You can also reply to me on Twitter.