Jeremy Sarber / The Bible Readers Podcast

Understanding the Bible verse by verse with ‘The Bible Readers Podcast’

I launched my first podcast in 2009 when most people didn’t know what the word podcast even meant. Throughout the years, my show(s) took on various formats under a variety of names. There was, for instance, The Jeremy Sarber Program, Be Ready Always, Discovering Grace, and one short-lived political commentary called, Coffee & Cigarettes, which has a backstory I’ll save for another day.

My most successful attempt at podcasting was a twenty-minute show I branded Bible Over Coffee. In the time it takes the average person to drive to work, I taught Scripture with an expositional, verse-by-verse approach. For reasons unknown to me, it climbed the charts on iTunes overnight, and more than 1,200 people downloaded each episode within the first week or two. Its relative popularity took me by surprise, but I was grateful for the opportunity to reach so many people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Life, however, soon got in the way, and I abandoned the program right about the time podcasts went mainstream. I’ve never been known for impeccable timing. In recent years, I’ve unboxed my microphone only a few times and haven’t seriously considered re-entering the realm of podcasting, that is, until now.

When people talk about my public ministry, I hear mentions of Bible Over Coffee the most. Whatever happened to that podcast? I enjoyed studying the Bible with you. I liked listening during my drive to work or evening walk. The length of each episode was ideal. The content was even better. I loved learning and understanding the Bible verse by verse.

(Pastors, take note. God’s people crave God’s word. While I wouldn’t recommend you limit your sermons to twenty minutes every Sunday, I will advise against shallow three-point topical messages week after week. You should thoroughly, deeply expound the Scriptures. Not only may the church want it, but they absolutely need it.)

You may be pleased to know that I’m resurrecting Bible Over Coffee under a new name: The Bible Readers Podcast. Just like before, I will teach through books of the Bible twenty minutes at a time, beginning with one new episode per week.

The Bible Readers Podcast

Having already run this idea by a few interested people, I know what some of you are thinking: Only one episode a week? But I have to drive to work five days a week. What will I do with the other four? Hypothetically, you ask a great question.

I would love to produce the show daily, but that’s not feasible right now, not yet. Perhaps if enough listeners find it worth their while to support the podcast, then I will do my part by studying the Bible and creating more episodes more often.

Lord willing, I’ll have the debut episode ready to go by next weekend. The Bible Readers Podcast should be available on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and other app directories soon after.

I want to thank everyone who encouraged me to start this project. Though the Web offers you access to many able Bible teachers, I’m humbled you would request that I add my voice to the mix. I also want to extend a special thanks to George Corbitt, David Scott, and Joy Christian Church who already support my ministry each month. Lastly, I want to thank Terry Tucker. Not long after I resigned as pastor of my former church, he told me to never let my teaching gift go to waste. Thank you, brother. I needed to hear that the very moment you said it.