I’m Jeremy Sarber, a disciple of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ, Reformed Baptist, funeral home chaplain, member of Grace Fellowship Church, host of Sunday Tapes, and creator of KJV Scripture Journals.

The Atlanta Braves embrace Pride Month

For me, baseball has served as a retreat from the perpetual barrage of sin and insanity all around us. It’s been one of the only places on TV or the Internet I can go to escape the never-ending parade of hostile politics, culture wars, and corporate virtue-signaling. Less than twenty-four hours ago, I said to my wife, Pride Month has seeped into several ball clubs. Thankfully, I haven’t seen the Braves pay homage to this god of our culture.”

But that was last night.

The Braves logo turns rainbow on Twitter

Am I disappointed? I’m not sure that word is strong enough.

Update: The Braves restored their original logo the next morning.


C.J. LaChapelle:


Jeremy Sarber:

First, I’m not asking the Braves to endorse or promote a cause with which I agree. I’m asking them to abstain altogether. Second, while I believe homosexuality and transgenderism are inconsistent with God’s holy purposes in creation and redemption, to be clear, I also believe all people have inestimable value and dignity before God and deserve honor, respect and protection. Everyone has been created by God and for God.