Jeremy Sarber

Support my podcast’s second season now

Behind the scenes, I’ve already begun work on season 2 of Sunday Manuscripts. I’m reading, studying, and honing in on its subject matter. I intend for the second season of the podcast to be all-new material. I won’t replay an old sermon series.

While the content of my podcast is most important, I also care about its quality. I admit I’m a bit of an audio snob. I want to produce a show that sounds as good as possible. Currently, I use a relatively cheap microphone that plugs directly into my computer. I’m thankful for the equipment I have, but I would love an upgrade for at least two reasons.

First, I’m hardly thrilled about the sound of this microphone. I do not have a sound booth or acoustical treatment on my walls. This microphone picks up a lot of noise. I’m able to remove most of it in post-production, but that’s not ideal for reasons I’ll explain.

Second, I would love an upgrade to my equipment because I spend more time than necessary in post-production. I spend hours reading, studying, and preparing to record. Keep in mind, I work full-time and have a family at home. I thoroughly enjoy creating Sunday Manuscripts, but my time is limited. After I record an episode, I don’t want to spend another hour or two editing and processing the audio to achieve the best sound possible.

With the right equipment, the audio will sound much better by default. It will also streamline the recording and post-production process, saving me a lot of time each week. God willing, I intend to begin recording the second season of the podcast within the next month or two, so I want to purchase upgrades to my equipment as soon as possible.

I’ve already spoken to a few professionals and one sales rep, and they’ve helped me create a shopping list of the best recording equipment I can buy for the money. The list includes a microphone, an all-in-one mixer-amp-recorder, and a few other items I’ll need. The total package will cost $1,270. Unfortunately, $1,270, though inexpensive for a semi-professional recording studio, is slightly more than I can afford to spend right now.

To expedite this purchase, I’m asking for your help. I have launched a fundraising campaign on the homepage of my website for those of you willing to contribute.

Before you give a single dollar, though, please do not take one cent from your regular offering to the local church. Chances are, your church is not meeting right now because of a stay-at-home order, but it still needs your financial support perhaps now more than ever. Your church still has monthly expenses. You still have pastors to support. Your church likely contributes to local, national, and global causes. The local church must remain your priority.

If you have extra money to give and a mind to do so, I thank you in advance. You can use a debit card, credit card, or PayPal account. You can donate $1, $10, or $100. The amount is your choice to make. I’ll be grateful for any help I receive. You’ll find the link you need as well as a progress bar on my homepage.

Thank you.