Jeremy Sarber / The Bible Readers Podcast

Review a podcast to win one of these twelve books and Bibles

Some people enjoy movies. Others get their thrills with sports. The trendiest of millennials won’t be happy with anything less than “experiences.” As for me, I like books. Give me a quiet evening at home with a mug of french roast, Miles Davis’ greatest hits, and the latest translation of Augustine’s Confessions, and I’ll be satisfied.

You may assume I have shelves on every wall holding my vast library, but I don’t. I have precisely two shelves above my desk which are currently full. I don’t treat my books as trophies to be displayed. Once I’ve read it, I pass it along to someone else.

At this very moment, I have twelve books and Bibles I need to give away. Since more than twelve of you are likely to read this announcement, you’ll have to enter to win a raffle of sorts.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Search for The Bible Readers Podcast in Apple Podcasts or your favorite podcast app.
  2. Subscribe.
  3. Listen to the first episode.
  4. Post a brief review in Apple Podcasts (iPhone) or iTunes (computer).
  5. Email me to let me know you’ve done it.

Yes, I realize not everyone has an iPhone or uses iTunes—does anyone use iTunes anymore?—but Step #4 is critical. Apple’s algorithms can make or break a podcast, and user reviews are a fundamental part of the equation. Wouldn’t you like to see Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer crowded out of Apple’s What’s Hot section by pastors who actually teach the Bible?

Here’s what you may win:

I’ll randomly select twelve winners on Saturday, March 24 March 31. Thank you!