Jeremy Sarber

Marxism versus the Gospel; Marx versus Spurgeon

Though I’d rather avoid political discussions, remaining silent is difficult when the current state of politics is increasingly spiritual. The Marxist ideology that enamors so many young, naive people is anything but morally benign. Communism abolishes eternal truths,” wrote Karl Marx in The Communist Manifesto. It abolishes all religion and all morality.”

Charles Spurgeon, the dynamic 19th-century Baptist pastor who lived in the same time and place as Marx, saw the dangers:

For many a year, by the grand old truths of the gospel, sinners were converted, and saints were edified, and the world was made to know that there is a God in Israel. But these are too antiquated for the present cultured race of superior beings! They are going to regenerate the world by Democratic Socialism, and set up a kingdom for Christ without the new birth or the pardon of sin. …

The latter-day gospel is not the gospel by which we were saved. To me it seems a tangle of ever-changing dreams. It is, by the confession of its inventors, the outcome of the period—the monstrous birth of a boasted progress”—the scum from the cauldron of conceit. It has not been given by the infallible revelation of God—it does not pretend to have been. It is not divine—it has no inspired Scripture at its back. It is, when it touches the Cross, an enemy! When it speaks of Him who died thereon, it is a deceitful friend. Many are its sneers at the truth of substitution—it is irate at the mention of the precious blood. Many a pulpit, where Christ was once lifted high in all the glory of His atoning death, is now profaned by those who laugh at justification by faith. In fact, men are not now to be saved by faith but by doubt. Those who love the Church of God feel heavy at heart because the teachers of the people cause them to err. Even from a national point of view, men of foresight see cause for grave concern.

Karl Marx was well aware that people—Christians included—are ignorantly willing to exchange the true gospel of Jesus Christ for his false gospel of utopia on earth. Nothing,” he wrote, is easier than to give Christian asceticism a Socialist tinge.”

As Larry Alex Taunton writes:

No greater scam has been perpetrated on so many for so long than the lie that socialism, once adopted, will reorganize society along the lines of a utopia for all. Such political solutions have always failed, and this one [the current social justice movement] has nothing but a history of catastrophic failure.

As Spurgeon so eloquently put it: To attempt national regeneration without personal regeneration is to dream of erecting a house without separate bricks.”

Taunton’s full article on the epic struggle for men’s souls in 19th-century London is insightful if you want to read more.