Jeremy Sarber / The Bible Readers Podcast

If you’re feeling a little disoriented by the ultra-minimal design of my website and its lack of options, then you’re in good company. Everyone feels that way at first. Where are the menus, the “about” page, or the stock photos of a man standing in an open field for no apparent reason? I assure you there is a method to my madness (or the lack thereof).

The Internet has become an infuriating place full of pop-ups, advertisements, social media widgets, fancy fonts, tracking scripts, and a million other needless elements that distract and, ultimately, ruin the user experience, assuming the user can load its websites at all. Call me a rebel, but I prefer simplicity and bare functionality. You probably came to my site to read the article or sermon you landed on, and that’s what I gave you, no more and no less. You’re welcome.

I stripped my site to only the essentials, namely, the content, so it loads quickly and efficiently. I removed share buttons and social links because (1) I quit mostly quit social media and (2) I don’t like how Facebook and Google have become gatekeepers to the Web. I even unplugged all tracking script because I don’t need to know how many people visit my site or what they do once they arrive. That’s their business.

If you want to read more of my writing or start a conversation with me—I would love nothing more—then submit your email address below. (I’ll never share it with anyone. You may unsubscribe anytime.) Every Sunday, I’ll send you a personal letter with links to what I’ve written, sermons I’ve preached, reviews I’ve published, books worth reading, and other (I pray) God-glorifying, Christ-exalting, church-edifying material. If you want to chat, all you have to do is reply.