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The Lord commanded that those who proclaim the gospel should get their living by the gospel. (1 Corinthians 9:14)

Since becoming bi-vocational, I’ve had to learn that delicate balance between “equipping the saints” as a pastor and providing for my family as a husband and father (Eph 4:12). “Woe to me if I do not preach the gospel,” yet I will have “denied the faith and [am] worse than an unbeliever” should I fail to put bread on the table in my own home (1Co 9:16; 1Ti 5:8). Thankfully, my secular work is flexible, allowing me to tip the scales in either direction when necessary.

While the world could survive without The Bible Readers Podcast, I make the time to produce it as often as possible because I love both the word of God and my listeners, many of whom requested that I once again offer expositional teaching via a short podcast. Thanks for the motivation, by the way. I forgot how much I enjoy this medium.

Some of you, however, have reminded me that you listen during your daily commute to work, evening walk, or similar routine. Your subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle suggestion is that I should crank out a few more shows each week if at all possible. Therein lies the problem. If I possess any superhuman qualities, the ability to stretch time is not one of them. To prepare and publish more episodes of the podcast, I would have to sacrifice more hours of paid work, trimming my already-modest paycheck. Both my wife and I have vetoed that option.

Then again, maybe we can work together. In exchange for more episodes more often, not to mention other humble rewards, you may join The Bible Readers Community, helping the show reach its necessary financial goals.

How it works

  1. Sacrifice a cup of coffee or two each month by giving a few dollars to The Bible Readers Podcast.
  2. Once listener contributions reach specific goals, I’ll scale back my secular work and produce more episodes per week.
  3. You’ll also receive additional rewards which are determined by the amount you give.

The rewards

  • $5/month = Access to episode transcripts; two entries to monthly giveaways
  • $10/month = Access to episode transcripts plus an ebook at the end of each season; four entries to monthly giveaways
  • $25/month = Access to episode transcripts, an ebook, and a paperback copy at the end of each season; ten entries to monthly giveaways
  • $50/month = Access to episode transcripts, an ebook, a paperback copy at the end of each season; twenty entries to monthly giveaways; the satisfaction of being so incredibly generous

The goals

  • ~25 members = 1 episode per week (13% complete)
  • ~50 members = 2 episodes per week
  • ~75 members = 3 episodes per week
  • ~100 members = 4 episodes per week
  • ~125 members = 5 episodes per week

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Frequently asked questions

If I join the community, will I have access to all of the transcripts including past episodes and seasons?

Yes, you will be able to read, copy, and print of all of them.

Do the transcripts include Bible references to the verses you cite on the podcast?

Yes, every quote from the Bible is followed by an abbreviated reference (e.g., Jn 3:16).

How long is a season of the podcast?

Seasons vary in length. Most will include 25-35 episodes.

What material do you include in the ebooks and paperbacks?

The books I release at the end of each season are revised collections of the transcripts. Some will include additional or expanded material that wasn’t on the podcast.

Is my personal information safe with you?

Yes, my website is encrypted and secure. Your private information will remain private.

How easy is it to cancel my membership?

It’s as easy as logging into your account and clicking cancel.