Christian Christmas gift ideas for readers and writers

Ready or not, the Christmas season is almost here. Some would argue it began nearly a month ago, but I vehemently protest the notion. I take my major holidays one at a time and let out a heavy sigh whenever a Starbucks barista hands me a Merry Coffee” cup before Thanksgiving. But I realize I may be in a shrinking minority.

Regardless, we’ll all be shopping for Christmas gifts very soon which leads to dread and frustration for many of us. If you’re anything like me, you love to give meaningful gifts, but dislike the challenge of figuring out what those gifts will be.

Hey, Google, what should I get my mother-in-law for Christmas?”

According to Wikipedia, Christmas is—“

Never mind.”

I doubt whether I can be of much help in your search for the perfect gifts for everyone, but I can make a few recommendations for those people in your life who love to read, write, and spend lots of time in the Bible. In other words, if you happen to know someone like me, you’ll be set. If not, you can safely disregard the following list.

I considered offering a list of specific book recommendations, but I’ll leave you to ask. If you need suggestions, let me know. I’d be happy to help. Otherwise, have a merry Thanksgiving.