Jeremy Sarber

Changes to my podcast and weekly emails

On day nine of #100DaysToOffload, I’m changing the way I deliver content to readers and listeners.

When I launched my podcast, Sunday Manuscripts, earlier this year, I experimented with the platform, Substack. Rather than make the podcast available to everyone, I used Substack to send new episodes only to people on my email list. I had my reasons, but I’ve since changed my mind.

Instead, I won’t make anyone join my email list to hear the podcast. Sunday Manuscripts is now available in most major podcast apps and directories. Choose your favorite—Apple Podcasts, Spotify, et cetera—and subscribe.

As for my weekly email, which I’m now calling Sunday Digest, I’ll send links to everything new I’ve published on my website, including both blog posts and episodes of the podcast.

In short, all my work will appear on, first and foremost. Then, the podcast will go out to podcast subscribers, and links to everything will go out to email subscribers.