I’m in love

I’m in love. Also tired. But mostly the love thing. Thank you, everyone who texted, tweeted, emailed, and called to congratulate us on the birth of our baby girl. In the fear of the LORD one has strong confidence, and his children will have a refuge (Pr 14:26).

The uncompromising author of 1 John

John’s somewhat brazen, uncompromising approach may seem uncharacteristic of the disciple whom Jesus loved (Jn 13:23). We’re prone to think of him as an always-gentle spirit tenderly resting his head on Christ’s bosom. Thanks to Renaissance paintings, we picture a young man with soft skin and delicate features. We’re drawn to the mild-mannered apostle who […]

An introduction to 1 John

John’s first epistle can make some of us uncomfortable. His use of stark contrasts and hyperbole doesn’t leave much room for shades of gray. For example, we can be either children of the devil who keep on sinning or children of God who practice righteousness (1Jn 3:9-10). Which one are you? According to John, you […]

Tychicus and other unknown servants of Christ

A sermon on Ephesians 6:21-22. As I was reflecting on Paul’s benediction here in Ephesians this week, an old Bill Withers song came to mind. “Lean on me when you’re not strong, and I’ll be your friend. I’ll help you carry on.” Paul mentions his friend and brother in the ministry, Tychicus (Eph 6:21). We […]

Why bother with KJV Onlyism?

Note: My “Sunday letters” are now daily letters. Subscribers will receive an email whenever I publish something new. If my emails become too much, don’t hesitate to tell me. Several years ago, Travis sent me a distressed letter. His confidence in Scripture was rattled to the point of breaking. He feared he could no longer […]

All glory be to Christ our holy King

How would you like to be a fly on the wall at Joy Christian Church? Would you settle for a transcript of our Sunday liturgy?

Should I celebrate the 4th of July?

I’m thankful to God for my American liberties. It’s just that I struggle to celebrate a nation which abuses its freedoms by so openly celebrating sin.

The armor of God isn’t quite enough

We may be carrying the weapons of one who trusts God, but what good are they if we don’t have a relationship with the one who makes those weapons effective?

Trust God’s word more than a single translation

Further study into the matter of KJV Onlyism will not dismantle everything you know about God, the Bible, and theology. I promise you.

Guard your steps

According to the first commandment in Ecclesiastes, there is a right as well as wrong way to approach God in prayer and worship.

Why five smooth stones?

A pastor’s job is to declare the whole counsel of God, not exaggerate riddles and propose theories as sound doctrine. The plain things are the main things.

Except ye utter words easy to be understood

My heart breaks for those Christians still shackled by KJV Onlyism who have their spiritual nourishment stifled by mostly anecdotal evidence and hyperbole.

The legacy of Abraham

Working part-time for a funeral home, I think about death and the legacy of the deceased quite often. Today, I’m thinking about Abraham’s legacy.

Publish every day

I write every day, but a friend has convinced me to also publish every day. Maybe it is time for me to overcome my stubborn perfectionism.

Preservation of the Bible, textual criticism, and some KJV historypreservation of the bible

Scribal errors and imperfect translations cannot prevent God from transforming lives with the Bible even 2,000 years after the words were first written.