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33 sermons, articles, and other useful items from around the Web

Each week I collect and curate sermons, articles, videos, books, podcasts, and other items from around the Web that you may find interesting and, hopefully, edifying. (My posts are in bold.)

  1. Update on the CSB – I Am All In! I’m reading the Christian Standard Bible as we speak, comparing it to other translations, and I’m agreeing with many of Martin’s points.
  2. What Is Definite Atonement? How could Christ’s atonement be anything but definite?
  3. Verse-by-Verse Comparisons, CSB Bibles If you are curious about the Christian Standard Bible, Trevin Wax provides a helpful overview in this video.
  4. Free Ebook: ‘Gospel Wakefulness’ Fill out a brief survey to download this book by Jared Wilson for free.
  5. Should Pastors ‘Get Things Done’? Pastors, it is better to “redeem the time” than to be efficient with our time (Eph 5:16).
  6. Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled This book contains a series of powerful sermons by Martyn Lloyd-Jones on John 14. Currently, the Kindle version is only $4.99.
  7. Behold, your mother! May the church always have a heart for widows and the elderly, and may we do more than pray for them.
  8. The Gaping Hole in ‘This Is Us’ My wife and I enjoy “This Is Us” for its heartwarming, compelling story of the Pearson family, but Kristen is right. There is a “gaping, godless hole” in the show.
  9. Wives “Submit” or “Respect”? (Eph 5:22,33) Perhaps “however” isn’t the best translation of πλήν.
  10. Facebook sets new lobbying record To be fair, both Google and Amazon spent more than Facebook. Apple and Microsoft aren’t far behind.
  11. Before the Tears Are Wiped Away Are you suffering? You have the Bible’s permission to mourn and weep.
  12. Why John Piper’s “Shells” Illustration Transformed a Generation Some sermons can send chills through your body.
  13. What Happens When Christianity Doesn’t Work “In many cases, [Christianity] does not work. That is to say, it does not solve all of the problems that we think it should solve.”
  14. This Is the Most Important Number in Business It seems more Americans are members of Amazon Prime than a church.
  15. False Teaching Out There and In Here Every heretic appeals to the Bible, so how do we respond to errors?
  16. Amazon is obsessed with getting inside of our homes Google and Facebook rule the Web. Amazon has to find other ways to collect data about us.
  17. CSB Spurgeon Study Bible I’ve said the Spurgeon Study Bible is more novelty than useful. I was wrong. I’m reading all of Spurgeon’s notes as I make my way through the CSB text, and I’m enjoying every word. I’m not sure I’d call it a study Bible, but it’s a fantastic devotional.
  18. Kid Pranks! – Best Of Just For Laughs Gags Ah, so that’s why people have kids.
  19. Spurgeon, Cigars, and the Glory of God I have always enjoyed Spurgeon’s sometimes subtle sense of humor.
  20. Why Christians Blogs Aren’t What They Used To Be While there are still many great blogs, I do miss the days when blogging was the most popular form of “social media.”
  21. 5 Reasons to Read the Bible Every Day Emphasis on #3.
  22. Can Theology Be an Idol? “We can love theology and forget God Himself.”
  23. Smart Phones and Reading Habits I say it is far better to read a book than skim a thousand tweets.
  24. STATE-MANDATED DEATH: Baby Alfie’s Dad Giving Him Mouth-To-Mouth In Hospital To ‘Keep Him Alive’ My heart breaks for the family, not to mention the entire world which increasingly condones, even celebrates unrighteousness.
  25. ESV Archaeology Study Bible For rich historical and cultural insights when reading Scripture, this study Bible is fantastic. Westminster is offering a great deal, too.
  26. The Change is not Automatic We are saved by grace, and our sanctification is by grace.
  27. Bring the Books! – In Defense of More ‘Gospely’ Writing “Paul had a few books … and Timothy was to be careful to bring them. Even an apostle must read … He is inspired, and yet he wants books!” —Charles Spurgeon
  28. 15 Things the Best Church Websites Do Yes to all fifteen.
  29. Is It Lawful To Divorce One’s Wife For Any Cause? I tackle the always difficult topic of divorce.
  30. The Upper Room: Jesus’ Parting Promises for Troubled Hearts The teachings of Christ in the upper room captivate me each time I read them. MacArthur’s exposition is excellent, and the Kindle version is only $3.99 right now.
  31. Inventing The Next Computer Personally, I wouldn’t mind having the ability to use technology without screens, not that I want to do my computing on a wall.
  32. The Simple Reason Why So Many Christians are Miserable Are you lacking joy? Look for areas in your life where disobedience exists.
  33. Acts: A Visual Guide As the description says, “Add a new dimension to your Bible study. … Designed for visual learners and students of the Bible eager for a deeper understanding of the Word of God.”