New Sermon Series: Ephesians I have always profoundly anticipated my future study and teaching of Ephesians. Thankfully, the time has finally come. The Jewish Roots of the Church at Ephesus In a Gentile city, God was slowly moving Jews away from the Old Covenant to the New. He was laying the first stones of the Church at Ephesus. Fighting the Devil With the Word of God As a result of Paul’s faithfulness to preach the gospel, the believers’ determination, and God’s power at work, God’s Word prevailed mightily. When the Church Sparked a Riot If the church is willing to put her lamp on a stand rather than hide it under a basket, we will be effective despite the darkness of this world. 6 Characteristics of Effective Church Leaders Using himself as an example, Paul shows us that his success in Ephesus was simply the fruit of his personal commitment to God and his Word. The Responsibilities of Church Pastors Church elders must commit to serving God and studying his Word. It’s a remarkably simple formula that leads to spiritual prosperity. The Doctrine of Election Paul lays out God the Father’s role in our salvation. He describes what God has done in the past to redeem his people. It’s the very beginning of salvation. Redemption Through the Blood of Christ The pure, innocent blood of Christ was able to pay for our freedom. We owed a debt that only God could afford, and he paid it with his own blood. Predestined To An Eternal Inheritance According to the counsel of his will, God is moving history toward its resolution. Like any good author, he knew the end before he penned the first word. Having the Eyes of Your Hearts Enlightened The essence of Paul’s prayer for believers is this: “Lord, I don’t want your people continually searching for what they already possess.” We Are Saved By Grace Through Faith In Jesus Christ We are saved by grace through faith because there can be no other way. Dead men can’t do a thing to help themselves. The Relationship Between Jews and Gentiles In the Bible The relationship between Jews and Gentiles in the Bible was hostile by the New Testament. Paul knew that disunity in Ephesus was possible. How the Gospel United the Jews and Gentiles in the Early Church Though the gulf between them was wide and deep, the gospel of Jesus Christ united the Jews and Gentiles in the early church. I Did Not Come To Bring Peace, But a Sword Jesus said, “I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.” Jesus Christ was and is the dividing line that separates all of humanity.