Jeremy Sarber

I'm Reformed Baptist, pastor of Joy Christian Church, and founder of Sermon Transcription Services.

‘Ecclesiastes’ Archive

If there is a sovereign God over the universe and if there is more to life beyond the grave, then perhaps life does have meaning.


Approaching God With Fear and Reverence

How can we, finite creatures, approach Almighty God? How do we seek his help and friendship? How do we go to him?

The Miseries of Wealth and Materialism

Wealth in a purely secular context leads to misery. The problem is that the secular mind assumes that wealth and joy invariably go together. They don’t.

We Can’t Buy Satisfaction Or Eternal Life

Money does not equal contentment and death is inevitable. You can’t buy your way into satisfaction, and you can’t buy your way out of mortality.

Embrace Your Suffering and Study Death

What happens when the good, easy days of life have passed and adversity comes? Faith is the answer, but can faith even endure the troubles we face?

Despite the Frustrating Enigmas of Life

The world is full of paradoxes and vexations that we can’t begin to understand because we’re not God. The secret is to accept life for what it is.

Remember God Before It’s Too Late

Ecclesiastes is an evangelistic call to believe in God and have faith in his plans and purposes. The Preacher lifts our sights above secular life.