Honest With Me

New Series: Honest With Me After 35 years in the Primitive Baptist Church, what could motivate me to walk away? “Please explain,” people have requested. Here goes. Why I Left the Primitive Baptist Church When I resigned from Angier Church, the deacons asked me to cite my differences, at least in broad terms. So I’ll tell you what I told them. The Evidence Against King James Onlyism The evidence doesn’t support the idea that the KJV can be the only accurate English translation. Even the KJV translators would refute that notion. Bible Preservation Through Mass Production Men produced hundreds of Bible copies, scattering them across the earth. Not every copy was perfect, but God ensured that his Word would remain. Who Holds the Keys To the Kingdom? The rock upon which Christ built his church is himself and by extension all believers who know Christ through God’s revelation. Discerning the True Church of Jesus Christ There are false churches and false teachers. But we should also recognize that true churches have varying degrees of doctrinal purity. The Denial of Genuine Christian Believers The mistake of Landmarkism is in denying the greater part of the church because they haven’t attained a minimum level of growth and understanding. Confusing Scripture With Church Tradition It’s easy for any church to muddy the waters of Scripture with years of traditions. And once that happens, it’s difficult to separate the two. Re-Baptism and Closed Communion Suffice it to say that I believe God himself authorizes both baptism and Communion for genuine, repentant believers in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Embracing Our Arminian Friends A person sitting in an Arminian church could hear a nearly identical presentation of the gospel as the apostles once preached. The Powerful Sword of the Spirit The Word is powerless to change a man’s heart unless God has drawn him. But notice what happens when the equation becomes the Word plus the Spirit. Command Does Not Imply Ability Ironically, both Hyper-Calvinists and Arminians make the same mistake in regards to human responsibility. Both follow a facet of Pelagianism. Many Are Called But Few, Effectually Called If the universal call of the gospel seems contradictory to the doctrine of election, it is a flaw in our own thinking, not in Scripture. Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth? We can’t assume that a passage has nothing to do with eternal salvation (no matter what it implies) unless the text itself gives us a reason. Hyper-Grace and the Denial of Justification By Faith Primitive Baptists deny biblical justification by faith by teaching a form of hyper-grace where most everyone is saved despite their lack of faith. Hyper-Grace Theology and Its Biblical Contradictions For most of my life, I defended hyper-grace theology because the logic behind it seemed perfectly reasonable, but it doesn’t match Scripture. Common Grace, Election, and God’s Effectual Call Let me offer a relatively concise overview of what I believe about common grace, election, and God’s effectual call. The Relationship Between Regeneration and Conversion In the Bible, the relationship between regeneration and conversion is inseparable. Conversion is the inevitable outcome of regeneration. God’s Unordinary Means of Salvation I see no justification for denying God’s ordinary means because he sometimes uses unordinary means of salvation.