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The Christian’s desperate need for daily devotional time with God

We may not know just how spiritually deprived we are until we sit at the table for daily devotional time with God. Have you ever noticed how hunger may only strike once you’ve smelled dinner cooking in the kitchen? I suggest we put our nose in the Bible and our knees on the floor every morning.

Read Post / April 29, 2018

Why I quit Twitter and will again (and maybe again and again)

I never thought of myself as addicted, but there was one sure way to find out, and that’s why I quit Twitter and will again. I needed to prove I was using Twitter for the practical and edifying reasons I told myself, not slavish dependency or the self-centered affirmation I might get from likes and follows.

Read Post / April 17, 2018

Understanding the Bible verse by verse with ‘The Bible Readers Podcast’

I launched my first podcast in 2009 when most people didn’t know what the word podcast even meant. Throughout the years, my show(s) took on various formats under a variety of names. There was, for instance, The Jeremy Sarber Program, Be Ready Always, Discovering Grace, and one short-lived political commentary called, Coffee & Cigarettes, which […]

Read Post / March 5, 2018

For they that wait on the Lord will inherit his amazing promises

The psalmist writes, “I wait on the LORD, my soul waits, and in his word I hope” (Ps 130:5). He doesn’t quit or attempt to force the pace to change. He does not despair nor does he allow himself to become impetuous. Instead, he patiently waits for the Lord by trusting his word.

Read Post / February 19, 2018

Alabaster Co. is creating an illustrated book of Psalms

Alabaster Co. is now accepting backers on Kickstarter for the next installment of their Beautiful Bible project: an illustrated book of Psalms. Granted, these Bible book editions are pricey and impractical, but they look great on the coffee table.

Read Post / February 7, 2018

Leather 3-ring binder from Jenni Bick Bookbinding

After weeks of searching for a three-ring binder that communicates quality more than the cheap plastic versions available at every office supply store, I stumbled upon Jenni Bick Bookbinding. While they offer drool-worthy leather covers, I let frugality make the decision and purchased one made of bonded leather. I am thoroughly pleased by both the […]

Read Post / February 7, 2018